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History of the College

Nadar Mahajana Sangam S. Vellaichamy Nadar College was started in 1965 by the “Nadar Mahajana Sangam” with the encouragement of the generous donations received from philanthropic members of the Sangam. Kodaivallal, Kalvithanthai Thiru.S.Vellaichamy Nadar of Virudhunagar has contributed largely for the creation of this institution by his enthusiastic assistance in all ways. In order to perpetuate his pleasant memory, this College has been named after him. The College was inaugurated on 20th July 1965 by our beloved National leader ‘Bharat Ratna’ Thiru. K. Kamaraj. Today this co-educational citadel of learning has developed into a postgraduate and research institution imparting quality education with the main emphasis on conduct and character development. Even though it is run by the Nadar Mahajana Sangam, the institution caters to the needs of all, without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion. The College has planned its work so as to have a well-integrated scheme of instruction, tutorial help and personal guidance coupled with healthy life and community activities to suit individual needs. The objective is to inculcate the habits of punctuality and the sense of responsibility among students so that they become worthy citizens of India.

Vision and Mission

  To become a Premier Institution of Higher Education and to serve the community and the nation.
  To provide need-based quality education, enhance the skills, competitiveness and employability of students, shape their character and make them responsible citizens of India.

Chronology of Events

  • 1965,20th July- Inauguration, college main building was opend By Shri.K.Kamraj.,Chief Minister,Govt of TamilNadu Pre-University Courses
  • 1966- B.A.,(Eco.) & B.Sc.,(Maths)Courses started
  • 1968- B.Sc.,(Chem)Introduced.
  • 1970- B.Com.,Introduced.
  • 1972- B.A.,(His),B.A.,(Eng.),and B.Sc.,(Zoo.),given affiliation
  • 1973- Construction of Library building, Three storied Building and Gymnasium Hall
  • 1977- M.Com.,Introduced
  • 1979- B.Sc.,(Physics)given affiliation
  • 1980- M.A.,(History)introduced
  • 1983- B.B.A., given affiliation
  • 1984- M.Sc.,(Physics)introduced
  • 1986- History Block Constructed
  • 1987- B.Sc., (Computer Science) given affiliation
  • 1988- M.Sc.,(Chemistry) introduced

College Logo and Motto

Lotus flowers, palm-leaf manuscripts, books, mountain and a kuthuvilakku are found in our emblem. Mountain symbolizes eminence, stability, prominence and greatness. The two mountains at the background suggest that our college plays a prominent role in providing quality education to students in and around Madurai city. Moreover, they also suggest that our college is the ground where students are trained to reach the pinnacle of glory in the life. A kuthuvilakku, an oil-lamp with a pedestal occupies the prominent place in our emblem. Light symbolizes knowledge which dispels ignorance and darkness. Kuthuvilakku is lit on auspicious occasions and it has religious significance too. It suggests imparting education as a sacred activity. To educate means to train the mind and shape of the character of the pupils. The wisdom of the past, represented by two bundles of palm-leaf manuscripts, plays a major role in deepening knowledge and shaping the character of the students. The two books represent the latest in the world of knowledge. A combination of what is essentially good in the past and the present is what this institution strives to offer to the students. The college encourage the students to develop deep deeper still, till they strike the fountain head of wisdom. It is endorsed by the verse “கற்றனைத் தூறும் அறிவு”. The more you learn, the freer streams of wisdom flow. Lotus is the queen of flowers. Rightly the Goddess of learning has chosen it as her throne. The lotus flowers in our emblem symbolise our hope that our students, through quality education, will definitely achieve greatness and reach greater heights in future.

College Prayer

சத்திய சான்றோராம்
இரத்தின சாமிகண்ட முத்தான சங்கமது வாழ்கவே! அந்தச்
சங்கத்தால் உருவான
தங்கம் நிகர் கல்லூரி
எங்கும் புகழ்பெற்று வாழ்கவே !
வள்ளுவனின் வழிவாழ்ந்த
வள்ளல் வெள்ளைச்சாமி
அள்ளித்தந்த பெருங்கொடை வாழ்கவே ! அவர்
பெயர்பெற்று மதுரையிலே
உயர்வுற்ற கல்லூரி
நிகரற்றே என்றும் வாழ்கவே !
பெருந்தலைவர் கரத்தாலே
திருவிளக்கு ஏற்றிவைத்த
அருங்கலைக் கல்லுாரி வாழ்கவே ! இங்கு
படிக்கின்ற எல்லோரும்
துடிப்புடனே முன்னேறி
படைக்கின்ற புகழ் சிறந்து வாழ்கவே!

முனைவர். மு.பெர்னாட்ஷா
தமிழ்த்துறைத் தலைவர் (பணி நிறைவு)

Quality Policy

  Our institution aspires for global recognition through systematic and meticulous transformation of our students into highly motivated graduates enriched with professional competence, managerial skills, built-in dynamism, and humanism.

Quality Objectives

  We aim at continuous pursuit for excellence through short-term goals and long-term goals.

Short Term Goals

  • To produce cent percent result with all first class out of which 25 percent will be with distinction.
  • To arrange for placement of at least 50 percent of the students through campus interview.
  • To introduce job-oriented – socially relevant and PG Programmes in the next two years.
  • To start R & D Department which will undertake at least 20 projects from various Government and Non-Governmental organizations within the span of the next three years.
  • To enter into collaboration with foreign universities for mutual information and exchange of knowledge.
  • To attain the status of ‘College with Potential for Excellence’.

Long Term Goals

  • To become a centre of excellence in education and attain global recognition in another ten years.
  • To become one of the best 10 colleges in the country within the next ten years.

Autonomy & Accreditation

Autonomy Status

  Since its inauguration and inception, N.M.S.S. Vellaichamy Nadar College groomed itself as one among the affiliated colleges of Madurai Kamaraj University. The college was recognized and granted Autonomy Status by UGC, Delhi in the year 2007. Since 2007, the college adheres itself to the UGC Autonomy guidelines, in framing unique syllabi and imparting knowledge to the students.

NAAC Accreditation Report

Cycle Year Grade
1st Cycle 2006 B++
2nd Cycle 2012 A(3.14)
3rd Cycle 2017 A(3.28)

The Campus

Nadar Mahajana Sangam S. Vellaichamy Nadar College, a first grade college, affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University, is situated at the foot of the historic Nagamalai Hills on the Madurai - Theni National Highways, spreading over 44 acres of picturesque landscape.